Step aboard the Windrift and experience the best fishing Saginaw Bay has to offer!

Step aboard the Windrift and experience the best fishing Saginaw Bay has to offer. Based out of Linwood, Michigan, Windrift Sport Fishing is in a prime location on Lake Huron’s popular bay. Captain Douglas McQueen will be your guide on these waters. An avid angler throughout his life, he’s been a certified captain since 1980. With decades of experience fishing the Great Lakes, there’s nobody better to show you what fishing is all about here. 

You’ll drift along the bay aboard a 30’ Sea Ray cruiser, powered by twin 340 HP Mercury engines. Restored in 2016 to modern standards, she’s built for your comfort. Fitted with a kitchen, bed, and toilet, you’re in for a smooth ride on board. She’s also a vessel built for serious fishing. A livewell and outriggers are fitted on board, including space to set up to 16 trolling lines, so you’ll have the advantage when trying to lure the bite.

It’s all about the Perch on these waters. The largest of the family, Walleye, is targeted throughout the season, with Yellow Perch showing up from August to September. The bigger species are a match for any angler and you’ll have to be on your A-game to keep these beauties on the end of your line all the way to the boat. Spring into action when you hear the reels screech, and use all of your strength to pull the fish in. 

Capt. Douglas will do everything he can to get you on the fish, contacting other captains if necessary. At the end of the day, his first mate will clean and prepare your catch to take home. These fish are delicious, and so you’re in for a real treat when you fry it up later that night. Just make sure to bring a cooler to keep the fish fresh when on board. Come and experience Great Lakes fishing, Windrift Sport Fishing is calling you aboard!

Please note that there’s a legal limit of how many fish you can catch, and trips may end earlier than planned if you hit the number.

Captain Doug

Captain Doug first started charter fishing in 1980 in Manistee and stayed active through 1990. A family health issue required his attention and slowed down his angling for almost 10 years. By the mid 90’s he was able to return to his love of fishing and purchased a boat. He eventually traded up and currently captains a 30′ Sea Ray, a fun boat for all that go out on it. He enjoys the people that come on his boat and share the camaraderie along with the good times on Saginaw Bay out of Linwood.

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